How proper equipment can augment oil & gas production?

Oil & Gas have always accounted for a significant portion of the manufacturing sector’s resources. With globalization, the Oil and Gas equipment companies have acknowledged the fast-paced growth of the manufacturing industry and are consistently stepping-up their equipment to meet the industry’s requirements. For procuring these resources, companies need heavy machinery that can efficiently extract Oil and Gas for industrial utilization. Setting up the right Oil Field Equipment properly grants leverage for enhancing the drilling process and maintaining the quality of oil extracted from the field.

Essential oilfield equipment to produce Oil & Gas

Several static and rotating equipment are required for selecting, drilling and processing the oil extracted from the site. Following equipment should be considered for proper extraction –

  • Furnaces – Cracking & Reforming furnaces are needed for combustion of solid & liquid materials or gases for generating sufficient amount of heat for the process.
  • Valves – Companies have turned to thermoplastic valves for monitoring & controlling the pressure of oil flow as they are highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Heat Exchangers – They make sure the refining & liquefaction process is always consistent and keep substances at the perfect temperature to avoid potential damages.
  • Boilers – These are the basis of the refinery process as they convert the water during extraction into steam and sterilizes the substance.
  • Compressors – Various types of flash gas compressors, reciprocating compressors, and screw compressors are available and are imperative in the production of oil.

Impact of proper Oil Field Equipment on the extraction process

If the right equipment is put into the right place, it becomes an automatic process with little manual intervention and smoothens the process of production.

  • Tracking devices are an effective measure to locate the right site for an oilfield. They search in a closer vicinity and reduce the chances of digging at the wrong site.
  • Sufficient availability of electricity and laboratories ensures oilfields located far outside to maintain the continuity of the digging process.
  • Professional training provided to the people operating the oilfield equipment allows mitigating wastage of time caused by errors.
  • Regular maintenance of heavy Oil & gas equipment by construction engineers helps in damage control from heavy pressures borne by this equipment.

Inox India excels in manufacturing the perfect Oil & Gas Equipment that facilitate the drilling process and makes it feasible to produce oil & gas. We comply with all the international standards of safety as we utilize resources in manufacturing, cryogenics, construction, agriculture etc.

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